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Thank you for joining Mike Aldridge Accountability Program. This program is designed to keep you accountable along with measure your success. The program does work if you follow it and do exactly what is asked of you. This membership includes a nutritional guide along with a work out plan. The program is Monday-Friday and requires you to not miss a day without texting the information below.

My Direct Accountability Line


Text a pic of your scale by 8:30am


Text a video of you working out at gym.


Text pic of all three meals by 8:30pm.

Mike Aldridge will respond to your text daily with encouragement and advice. Mike will also share with you his information daily in attempts to be apart of the journey with you. It is important that you do not miss a day. Even if your numbers are bad or you ate bad food you must send the pictures. If you do not send the pictures or put in the necessary work you have to pay by doing a 12 hour fast. You also have to send video proof of yourself doing push ups until you max out.
Mike wants all of his clients to reach their fitness goals and will not give up on them. However, if its clear that you are not trying to put in the work and not taking it serious he reserves the right to cancel your membership. This membership is free for your first month. After your first month is complete your membership will be $10 per month. Couples are encouraged to do this together. A couples membership is $15 per month after the first free month. Its important to keep this membership active even after you reach your goals because we do not want you to go backwards. Thank you again for joining the Mike Aldridge Accountability Program.


Members get invited to special events hosted by Mike Aldridge.

Your membership includes special invites to in person and virtual events. Mike shares life changing information at these events so you don’t want to miss out.

Thank you again for joining The Mike Aldridge Accountability Program.
Accountability Program
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